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Miles 0 -5

190 RHR
  • Flat: 170
  • Hill: 185
  • Downhill: 150-170


  • 20 min warm-up with good clothes in. Ideally, flat soft terrain. Bring gently your HR to 140 bpm and start slow. 
  • After 20 min. Do 15-20 seconds sprints increasing the speed. Start slow then pick the pace as the 15-20 go by.  Walk back the distance. Do this for 5 times
  • While waiting in the corral try to keep the core warm. Use an old sweater or newspaper even a trash bag with holes for arms and neck. Keep moving in place don’t stay still. You can do gentle jogging in place, keep stretching. 

Miles 6-10

200 RHR
  • Flat: 180
  • Hill: 195
  • Downhill: 150-180

Nutrition Strategy

4 hours before raceRace breakfast. Your usual breakfast before a race
2 hours before raceBanana and Gatorade
15 min before race1 Gel
Mile 41 Gel
Mile 81 Gel
During raceWater as needed