The Gold package is a total customized training plan every week based on the analysis of the athlete’s data. This plan also includes unlimited communication with your coach. Monthly testing on the bike, run and swim. Coaching is 100% customized for each athlete which is based on the athlete’s goals and metrics. Additionally, it is a constant work in progress since1 it is tweaked on a weekly basis based on the athlete’s progress, health, schedule, etc. One of my priorities is to make sure that you get to the starting line healthy, injury-free, and energized about the race so that you can enjoy the challenge to its fullest.  In other words, together we will be working to stave off injury and overtraining throughout the entire process.


TrainingPeaks is the leading edge software for scientific training analysis. It provides the ability to upload all your workouts in order to dig deep into your performance metrics. Your coach will start teaching you how to interpret your own data in order to make educated decisions.


Technology behind our athletes

We use state of the art technology to plan, analyze, recover and improve athlete’s performance such as:

  • Training Peaks (Training plan and analysis)
  • BSX insight (Lactate threshold analysis)
  • Best Bike Split (Cycling Racing and Training Analysis)
  • Lumo Run (Run gait analysis)
  • Stryde (Running Power Meter)
  • NormaTec (Recovery technology)
  • Zwift (Virtual Cycling Software)
  • Trainer Road (Virtual Cycling Software)
  • Golden Chettaa  (Analysis tool)
  • WKO4 (Analysis tool)
  • Kinovea (Video analysis)
  • Higherpeak. (Altitude Training)

Testing Services

  • Power (FTP test)
  • Running Gait Analysis
  • Swimming Analysis
  • Bike Fitting
  • Altitude Training
  • Lactate Threshold Test